Continuing Education Dates


January 21: Loma Linda Online course
February 23: Minnosota Online Course
March 21-23: Atlanta Hinman live courses
April 4: Oregon Dental Conference Live Courses (workshop)
May 4: Christian Medical Dental Association Annual Meeting live course
July 17-18: Academy of General Dentistry Annual Meeting live courses


January: Loma Linda live course
February: Augusta live course
April: Kansas City live course
May: Hilton Head DCG live course
August: AAED meeting live lecture


January: Minnosota online lecture
February: DCG ACDE online CE lecture
March: Hinman Dental Meeting live course
June-August: Hinman online CE lecture
May-July: OHI-S online CE


January 24: Loma Linda virtual all day course
March 16: DCG virtual course


January: Loma Linda Homecoming live
March: online recorded lectures CMDE program
July: Online recorded lectures DCG Alumni CE program
September: GDA online Virtual program

2019 Dates

Jan 31-Feb 3rd Yankee Dental
Feb 15-28 Thailand
March 21-23 Hinman
April 3-6 Irish Dental Association in Galway
August 17-18: Atlanta Dental Study Club
Sept 26-27th Calgary
Oct 2-4 Buffalo NY

2018 Dates

January 18-20, Rocky Mountain Dental Society, Denver CO
February 22-24, Chicago Midwinter Meeting, Chicago IL
March 19-29, CMDA-CMDE Conference, Greece
April 26, Star of the North Conference, St. Paul, MN
June 15, FMC, London, UK

2017 Dates

February 13 - 23, 2017 CMDA-CMDE Conference - Suan Bua Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand 
March 9-11 Pacific Conference, Vancouver BC 
March 23-25 HINMAN Featured Speaker, Atlanta GA
April 7 Toronto, Canada
June 22-24 Florida Dental Convention, Orlando, FL
Sept 14-16 Southwest Dental Conference Dallas TX 
Sept 22 Minneapolis Dental School, MN
October 19-22 ADA Atlanta, GA

2016 Dates

January 27-31 Yankee Dental in Boston.
February 25-27, Chicago Midwinter Meeting, Chicago, IL 
March 4-5 Memphis TN William F. Slagle Dental Meeting
April 4-14, CMDA/CMDE Thirty-sixth International Conference Greece  
October 20-23  ADA in Denver Colorado
Nov 10-12: Global Missions Health Conference, Louisville KY
Dec 9 Glasgow, Scotland 

2015 Dates

May 14-17 North Carolina State Meeting, North Myrtle Beach, SC
May 7-10 Texas Meeting, San Antonio, TX
April 10 New Orleans, LA
March 26-28 Hinman Dental Meeting, Atlanta, GA
Feb  Christian Medical Dental Association, Chiang Mia, Thailand

2014 Dates

April 27-May 9 Christian Medical Dental Education, Eretria, Greece
April 4 Western Regional Dental Assoc, Phoenix, AZ
March 27-29 Hinman Dental Meeting, Atlanta, GA
Feb 22 Chicago Midwinter, Chicago IL
Jan 17 Second District Dental Society, Montgomery Alabama
Jan 10 University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE

2013 Dates

Oct 31-Nov2 American Dental Association, New Orleans, LA
July 19-20 GRU Dental Hygiene CE course, Savannah GA
May 2-5 Christian Dental Association annual meeting, Ashville NC
April 27 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Seattle, WA
April 19 New Jersey School of Dentistry CE, Newark, NJ
March 21-13 Hinman Dental Meeting, Atlanta, GA
Feb 18-Mar 1 Christian Medical Dental Education, Chiang Mia, Thailand
Feb 3 American Association of Endodontists annual meeting, Dallas TX
Jan 25 Rocky Mountain Dental meeting, Denver CO
2012 Dates

Dec 6-7 GHSU Last Chance CE, Augusta, GA
Nov 8-10 Bleach at the Beach, GHSU CE course, North Myrtle Beach, SC
July 27 Prosthodontic Academy, Cusco, Peru
June 12-14 Florida Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL
May 3-6 Texas Dental Meeting, San Antonio, TX
April 20 Seattle Study Club, Tampa, FL
April 21 Arkansas State Dental Association, Little Rock, AK
March 9 Kansas State Dental Association, Kansas City, KS
Jan 27 Minnesota Dental School, Minnapolis, MN
Jan 12-14 Southwest Dental Conference, Dallas TX
2011 Dates

Dec 8-9 Last Chance CE, GHSU CE course, Augusta, GA
Dec 2 Scotland
Nov 11-12 Bleach at the Beach, GHSU CE course, North Myrtle Beach, SC
Nov 3 Mississippi Dental Association, Meridian, MS
Oct 14 GHSU CE Course, Brasstown, GA
Oct 10-13 ADA Meeting, Las Vegas, NV
Sept 30 USC Restorative Symposium, Los Angeles, CA
July 29-31 Controversies in Dentistry, GHSU CE course, Kiawah, SC
May 13 American Academy of Orthodontists, Chicago, IL
April 28-30 South Carolina Annual Dental Meeting, Myrtle Beach, SC
April 16 New Orleans Dental Conference, New Orleans, LA
March 10-11 Chattanooga Area Dental Society, Chattanooga, TN
Feb 24-26 Chicago Midwinter, Chicago IL
Feb 10-12 Heartland Dental Study Club, Topeka, KS

2010 Dates

Nov 25-27: Newton Fahl Alumni meeting, Curitiba, Brazil
Oct 9-12: American Dental Association meeting, Orlando, FL
May 7-8: Texas Meeting, San Antonio, TX
March 25-27: Hinman Dental Meeting, Atlanta, GA
March 15: Greater Columbia Dental Association, Columbia, SC
Jan 23: American Association of Orthodontists, Palm Springs, CA
Jan 21-23: Southwest Dental Conference, Dallas, TX

2009 Dates

October 1-4: American Dental Association meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii
Septempter 11: 1st District Dental Society, Asheville, NC
July 26- Aug 1: Cairns, Sidney, Melbourne in Australia
July 18-25: Auckland, Dunedin, Wellington in New Zealand
July 10: Academy of General Dentistry Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD
June 12: World Esthetic Congress, London, England
May 20-24: American Association of Pediatric Dentists, Honolulu, Hawaii
April 8: New Jersey Dental School, NJ
April 3-4: Kentucky Dental Meeting, Louisville, KY
March 16-19: Hinman: Special Lecturer, Atlanta, GA
March 13-14: Arizona Dental Association, Phoenix, AZ
February: 9- 19: Chiang Mai, Thailand
February 8: Bangkok Thailand

2008 Dates

October 17-22: ADA meeting, San Antonio, TX
October 10: Charlotte NC "A Day with Drake"
Sept 12-14: 2nd, 3rd and 4th district NC dental societies, Wilmington NC
August 14-16: Monterey Bay Dental Society, Monterey, CA
June 18-22: CMDA National Meeting, Chicago, IL
May 29- 37: Annual Congress, Montreal, Canada
May 9: Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
April 24: South Carolina Dental Meeting, Myrtle Beach, SC
April 18: Outagamie Dental Society, Appleton, WI
April 9: Ultradent Meeting, Madrid, Spain
April 6: Hellenic Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, Thessaloniki, Greece
March 13-15: Hinman Dental Meeting, Atlanta, GA
Jan 28- Feb 4: Yankee Dental Congress, Boston, MS
January 17-19: Southwest Dental Meeting, Dallas, TX

2007 Dates

November 24-25: Greater New York Dental Meeting, New York, NY
November 2: MCG CE course, Atlanta. GA
October 19-21: MCG CE course, Brasstown Valley Resort, Young Harris, GA.
June 16: Florida Dental Assocation, Orlando, FL
May 13-17: Seminario del Groups de Estudios USC de Mexico, Ixtapan De La Sal, Mexico
May 4-6: International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry, Seoul, Korea,
April 2-7: Master's CE program, Augusta, GA
March 23-24: University of Southern Illinois School of Dental Medicine, St. Louis, MO
March 15-17: The Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting, Atlanta, GA
February 26-March 2: Christian Medical Dental Association, Chaing Mia, Thailand
February 25: Ultradent Seminar, Bangkok, Thailand
January 18-20: Southwest Dental Conference, Dallas, Texas

2006 Dates

October 16-18: American Dental Association Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV
June 23: Christian Dental Society, Hilton Head, SC
May 12-13: Texas Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX
April 21: New Jersey Dental School, New Jersey
April 7: Medical College of Georgia in Augusta (during Master's Golf Tournament)
March 17 : University of Louisville School of Dentistry, Louisville, Kentucky
February 23: Academy of Operative Denistry, Chicago, IL
January 13: Second District Dental Society, Montgomery, AL

2005 Dates

November 23-29: Japanese Society of Conservative Dentistry, Toyko, Japan
November 11: Seattle Study Club, Greenville, South Carolina
November 6: Loma Linda Whitening Symposium, Loma Linda, California
September 23: University of Alabama Hinman Lecture, Birmingham, Alabama
September 16-19: Turkish Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, Istanbul, Turkey
July 31: National Dental Association: Las Vegas, Nevada
May 7th: International Association of Dental Traumatology, Reykjavik, Iceland
March 17:Atlanta, Georgia at the Hinman
Feb 27: Chicago,IL at the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry

2004 Dates

November 19: Knoxville, TN
November 3: Atlanta, GA
October 8: Miami, Florida
July 26-29: University of North Carolina, Hilton Head, SC
July 22-23: Washington State Dental Society | Seattle, Washington
May 14: New York University Dental School
April 23-24: London, England
April 19-20: Baku, Azerbaijan
March 26: Kingston, Jamaica