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PUBLICATIONS in Teaching journals

1.         Glawson J,  Haywood VB.  A New Idea in Dental Education. Dental Student Magazine, May(38) l974.

2.         Haywood VB.  A Direct Temporary for a Single Tooth Restoration, N.C. Dent Jour 59(3): 12, 1976.

3.         Haywood VB.  Dent Notes.  North Carolina Dental Review:

                        Clinical tidbits.  Summer: 24, 1984.

                        Patient conveniences.  Fall: 31, 1984.                           

                        Gift toothbrushes.   Winter: 31, 1985.

                        TMJ Tapes.  Summer: 35, 1985.

                        Toothbrush ornaments; Extended Uses for Dental Floss. Winter: 53-54, 1987.

                        Staff Uniforms and Office Decor. Fall: 53, 1987.

4.         Haywood VB, Wall JT.  Restorative Dental Emergencies (Operative and Fixed Prosthodontics), North Carolina Dental Review 4(2):20,25, 1987. Reprinted in Dental Abstracts 33(4): 176, 1988.

5.         Haywood VB.  Office Emergency Coverage Tips.  North Carolina Dental Review 4(2):25, 1987.

6.         Currens WE, Haywood VB.  Video Review of "Postgraduate Course for Placement of Modern Posterior Composites."  Dental Magazine, March: 22, 1987.

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20.      Haywood, VB. Update on Bleaching: Advice to Patients on Over-the-counter Bleaching Agents. Esthetic Dent Update 1995;6(3):74.

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30.      Haywood VB. Bleaching Analysis (Quick Tips). Contemporary Esthetics and Restorative Practice 1997;1(2):36.

31.      Haywood VB. Guest Editor: Current Opinions on Nightguard Vital Bleaching. Compendium (Special Issue) 1998.

32.      Haywood VB. The Pros and Cons of Whitening your Teeth. Atlanta Health & Beauty 1998;Oct:26,33.

33.      Pelehach L. Little white lies? Set patients straight on bleaching. Dent Prac &Finan 1999;Jan/Feb:31-35. (interview)

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PUBLICATIONS in Refereed Journals

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